Meet The Paw Patrol Pups!

This week we thought we would focus our blog post on Paw Patrol! These cute pups are rescue dogs in training. They are all inspired by real-world jobs and when Adventure Bay is in trouble they spring into action! No matter what the situation they are always there to help anyone in need!

Name: Chase

Breed: Cockapoo

Gender: Male

Age: 7

Best Friend: Marshall

Allergies: Cats and feathers

Whenever you’re in trouble, just yelp for help! Chase is a German Shepherd puppy who is always ready for action. By day Chase protects adventure bay as a traffic cop, by night he is a serious spy helping track down missing animals!



Name: Skye

Breed: German Shepherd

Gender: Female

Age: 7

Fear of: Eagles

Favorite Colour: Pink

Let’s take to the sky! Skye is a fun-loving female Cockapoo who flies around Adventure Bay in her helicopter or with the wings in her pup pack. Skye is brave and smart and loves nothing more than a game of Pup Pup Boogie.



Name: Marshall

Breed: Dalmatian

Gender: Male

Age: 6

Main colour: Red

Favourite saying: ‘I’m Okay!’

Marshall’s highly-trained paws are at your service! Marshall is the silly fun-loving Dalmatian who serves Adventure bay as a fire and medical pup! His main tasks include checking for fires, rescuing animals, and using his X-ray screen.



Our Clocks…

BulbBotz™ PAW Patrol™ Skye™ Night Light Alarm Clock


BulbBotz™ PAW Patrol™ Marshall™ Night Light Alarm Clock


BulbBotz™ PAW Patrol™ Chase™ Night Light Alarm Clock


All of our clocks feature a night light, simply push down on the pups head to make them light up! To trigger their sound effects simply press the sound button, standing at 5.5 inches tall the LCD screen is very easy to read and the clocks come with alarm and snooze functions. They have a 12hr format and come with batteries, we also offer a 2 -year manufacturers guarantee!! Available in the UK for £12.98 and in the US for $16.83. Both links can be found below:




Author: Juliette Coplin

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