Despicable Me 3 – A Final Goodbye

Here at Bulbbotz HQ, we have some sad news… There is only a limited time left to purchase our Despicable Me 3 Mel and Dave Light – Up Clocks.


In honor of two of our favorite and classic clocks, we are giving our valued customers some amazing discounts!

Let’s go Bananas!

The question is…. Which clock do you go for!? Let us help you decide!



Let’s start with Mel!


Minion Mel.


You can’t mess with the leader of the Minions. The one-eyed short loveable creature with his combed, half bald and thick hair is particularly villainous. In Despicable Me 3, he is responsible for the rebellion against Gru’s retirement. Under his command, the minions (apart from Dave and Jerry who stay) leave Gru to find another villain. After stealing pizza and trespassing into a TV studio, they are wanted by the police and are thrown in prison.  At this point, Mel realises how much he misses Gru and with the minion’s help creates a plane to escape. Under the cover of darkness, they escape and soon find Gru, Lucy and Dru, defeat the bad guy and go home where they belong. Mel won’t be hard to spot if he runs-a-muck!


Kind, funny, supportive, silly, idiotic, stupid, loyal, friendly, fun-loving, simple-minded, playful, brave, smart.


Being in villainy again (failed but then succeed), Escape for prison and reconcile with Gru (succeed), destroy Balthazar Bratt’s giant chewing gum (succeed).



BulbBotz™ Despicable Me 3™ Mel Night Light Alarm Clock


BulbBotz™ Despicable Me 3™ Mel Night Light Alarm Clock

Minion Dave.


Dave is the opposite to Mel. The Ice Cream and cupcake making fanatic is an intelligent but accident-prone minion. His signature weapon is the rocket launcher and after firing the weapon he is scolded by Gru in the first Despicable Me film and replies with ‘Ditto’ meaning sorry. By the time we get to the third film Dave, along with minion Jerry is entertaining the Gru family dressed in Hawaiian – like costumes, singing ‘Tiki Tiki Babeloo’. In Despicable Me 3, while Mel is leading the rebellion against Gru, Dave stays alongside Jerry and they get a promotion (well they are the only minions left). Dave is always up to mischief so make sure you keep him in your sight!


Kind, Caring, funny, intelligent bu accident prone. He is one of the very few minions who is not kidnapped or turned evil.

  • “Ditto.” – As an expression of shame. (Despicable Me and Minion Rush)
  • “Voilà!” – Dave showing his minion cupcake to Lucy and Gru. (Despicable Me 2)




BulbBotz™ Despicable Me 3™ Dave Night Light Alarm Clock


BulbBotz™ Despicable Me 3™ Dave Night Light Alarm Clock


Both clocks feature a night light, sound effects, backlit LCD screen, alarm and snooze function.


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Author: Sarah Frankland

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