Avengers 4: Endgame – Theories Round-Up!

Poster for Avengers Infinity War.

“A movie 10 years in the Making”

In 2008 a superhero film was released by Marvel Studios starring Robert Downey Jr. It was the story of a billionaire playboy philanthropist who is kidnapped by terrorists and ordered to use his intelligence and the knowledge of his companies advanced weaponry to make them weapons of mass destruction. Using the parts of machinery given to him Tony Stark built himself a super-suit made of armor and used this to escape his captures. Realizing how his weapons were being used he began a crusade to destroy them and protect the world from what he had created! The film was met with rave reviews with many fans asking about a sequel, not only were they treated to two, but this movie also marked the beginning of the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Since the release of Iron Man in 2008, there have been a total of 20 movies featuring Marvel superheroes. With three to be released this year, it seems this genre of superhero movies is only getting more popular. With the last 10 years building up to infinity war, there are also whispers that some of the original Avengers will not be returning after Avengers 4! With many fans believing one of those characters will be the man who started it all. Is this the end of Iron Man?

Still From the Avengers Endgame Trailer

Avengers: Infinity War

With the last 10 years building up to a two-part Avengers story, it was no surprise fans had high hopes. With many fans fearing that some of their favorite characters may not make it. Although fans were prepared for some characters to die during infinity war, they were not prepared for what happened! Thanos snapped his fingers and suddenly half the universe turned to dust! Surely they can’t be dead? As soon as the closing credits began rolling fans everywhere began theorizing what would happen next and how they are going to bring all those characters back. It seems inevitable that these ‘dead’ characters will return, but the question is how?

Still From Avengers Infinity War

The theories…

1. Time Travel

One of the most popular theories is that Avengers 4 will feature time travel. This one has a lot to back it up as leaked photos from the production shows some of the original Avengers in their costumes from the first movie! The directors also announced that there will be some element of time travel in the movie. There are quite a few theories detailing time travel, the first one on our list is that the original Avengers will realise the only way to stop Thanos is to go back to collect the infinity stones and create their own infinity gauntlet!

The Original Avenger’s Line Up.


2. Alternate Dimensions

This theory states that instead of wiping out half the universe when Thanos snapped his fingers he split the universe into two dimensions. This would mean that other characters didn’t die when they turned to dust, but instead went to the other dimension. This theory suggests that the two dimensions can be put back together with the Quantum Realm that was introduced in Ant-Man. We also saw in the post-credits scene to Ant-man and the Wasp that Ant-man entered the quantum Realm at the time of the snap and therefore survived. The only issues with this theory are that Ant-Man would need to find a way to escape from the Quantum realm, which if the trailer is anything to go by will happen! We will just have to wait and see how.



3. The Soul Stone

The Soul Stone has the ability to manipulate a persons soul and essence which has led many people to believe that the characters who turned to dust in Infinity War didn’t die, but their soul and essence were transported inside the soul stone! If this theory is correct to save half the universe the original Avengers just need to figure out a way to release them from the stone. Could it be that simple?

The Gauntlet Featuring the Infinity Stones


4. Nick Fury knew all along

In the post-credits’ scene of Infinity War we see Fury turned to dust, but just before he disappears, we see him get out a pager and send a message. Once he has disappeared there is a close up of the pager and it is showing the Captain Marvel logo. Could Captain Marvel be the one who will stop Thanos? Many people believe that she can and that the upcoming Captain Marvel movie will tell us how.  It is set in the 1990s and will detail Nick Fury meeting Marvel and learning about superheroes, but as it is set in the 90’s people are questioning why Fury has never called on Captain Marvel in the past? The theory is that during the battle with Thanos, or sometime after, one of the Avengers manages to travel back in time and warn Fury of the events to come. This will cause Fury to create the Avenger’s Initiative and bring together ‘earth’s mightiest heroes’. Another part of this theory is that Nick Fury knew that Captain Marvel was the only person who would have a chance to defeat Thanos and this is why he has waited until now to call on her.

Nick Fury.


So, there are countless other theories as to how Avengers Endgame will play out, but we’ve shown you our favorite ones. But what do you think, do you agree? Let us know in the comments! And don’t forget to check out our BulbBotz Marvel Infinity War Watches & Clocks before they disappear too! You can see the whole collection here: https://www.bulbbotz.com/marvel-products.html

Author: Juliette Coplin

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