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With Fashion Week kicking off with style last weekend, it got us thinking here at Bulbbotz HQ about how designers have used some of our brands as inspiration for their collections. One of the most iconic franchises that had and still does impact fashion is Star Wars!

Fashion Icons re-imagined as Star Wars Characters!

Origins of Star Wars Fashion…

Fashion designers have been taking inspiration from the Star Wars franchise since its debut on our cinema screens in the 70’s. Sci-fi (fashion up until Star Wars was released), was incredibly cliché and every film seemed to have the same skimpy mini skirt and silver jumpsuits etc. Star Wars pushed the cliché out of the way. This made room for traditional Japanese inspired fashion pieces. George Lucas used Akira Kurosawa’s samurai movies as inspiration for the characters and the costumes followed suit. (See Images below). This then had a direct effect on what we saw on the runway and in high streets retailers.

Why is it so popular?

Apart from being one of the coolest Sci-Fi franchises ever created – for fashion designers, it is inspiration central and incredibly relevant to a large age range. The quirky old school Sci-Fi references work well with street style designers – for example using slogans and logo imagery targeting a young customer. (See images below)


The smart and clean silhouettes of Princess Leia’s and Obi Wan’s robes appeal to an older customer. (See image below)


Diane Von Furstenberg ‘s design inspired by Star Wars.



From the runway, our favourite Star Wars collaboration came from Rodarte (Fall 2014). The LA duo created a fanciful collection with giant Luke Skywalker and R2 – D2 prints on beautifully draped gowns. Whilst the collection received mixed reviews, we think it was quirky and fun! (See Images below)


Another one of our favourite Star Wars collaborations came from high-end designer RAG & BONE. The New York-based brand created a collection that represented the iconic Rag and Bone styles with the timeless Star Wars references. Based on the ‘The Last Jedi film’, the collection depicts the two sides of the force – Light and Dark. (See images below).



For the high street, our favourite collection has to of been from ASOS (in 2017). They unveiled a Star Wars inspired collection that was abstract in the use of print and cuts. The women’s pieces were more elegant looking whilst the men’s was more street style. (See images below)


The popularity of this collection was the price point – ranging from £30 – £50 and the use of bold colours and patterns that gave a different take on the Star Wars theme (not just logos, helmets and droids). You can still get some of these pieces at a discount price! Visit ASOS Now!

No matter if you want something totally out of this universe or just an accessory to compliment your outfit and to show off your love of Star Wars (see our watches for inspiration), fashion will always provide!

Anna Wintour re-imagined as Jedi Master Yoda.

‘The Fashion Force is Strong with this One’





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Author: Sarah Frankland

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